Property Investment Strategy

Property Investment Strategy

It is common knowledge that property investment can bring rich rewards, but fewer people are aware of the importance of an effective property investment strategy. When you plan to put money into real estate, there are various things you should think about and incorporate into your property investment strategy. It is only when your investment strategy is a carefully thought out, focused one, that your capital will be used to its full potential, with the least possible risk involved.

Short-term and Medium-term Property Investment Strategies

Generally, property investment strategy is approached in one of two ways – short-term investment, which is expected to yield returns in one or two years; and medium-term investment, which is expected to bear fruit in three to five years. The former is often called a flip strategy, while the latter is known as a buy and hold strategy.

Active and Passive Property Investment Strategies

Passive and active strategies are also known as defensive and offensive strategies respectively. It is important to know when to use these strategies. Defensive strategies should be the foundation of your property investment strategy – such strategies carry less risk, and you are almost certain of making a profit with such strategies. Offensive strategies should be applied judiciously, perhaps when you want to increase your capital significantly in a short time, or when a really sound property investment opportunity comes along. However, when offensive property investment strategies are employed, you should ensure that these do not destabilise your investment portfolio.

Important Factors to Consider When You Are Planning Your Property Investment Strategy

There are three primary areas you should consider when you are planning to put capital into property and are creating a property investment strategy. The first thing you must look at is your investment objective. What kind of returns are you looking for? Depending on your investment objectives, you can create a property investment strategy that helps you achieve your goals. If you are looking for quick returns, a short term or flip strategy makes sense, while those willing to wait for higher profits would generally go in for a medium term or buy and hold strategy. The second area that you must bear in mind is the time period you are looking at. Your property investment strategy should take the time required for you to start earning profits on your investment into account. The third area of concern for anyone who is formulating a property investment strategy is the risk factor. The risks involved should be carefully assessed, and weighed against the potential profits, so that your investment strategy is practical, viable and likely to prove profitable.

Ideas to Improve Your Property Investment Strategy

There are certain aspects that should be concentrated on when you want to improve your property investment strategy. The suggestions here will be very useful in this regard.

As always in anything to do with real estate, remember the importance of location. A well located property will yield significantly higher returns on your investment, and you must ensure that the property you plan to invest in is in a desirable location.

If you are investing in more than one property, try to see that the locations are different. This will help you build a diverse property investment portfolio, which is one of the goals of an effective property investment strategy.

Try to find property that is in demand, or is likely to be in demand soon, to invest in.

When you are striking a deal for a particular property, do make sure that the people involved – such as real estate agents and property lawyers – have good reputations and that the property in question is free of encumbrances or legal problems.

When you have invested in property, do what you can to increase its value through comprehensive repair and renovation. This will increase your equity and help you pay off loans you may have taken in order to invest in the property.

It is worth familiarising yourself with the real estate market and keeping up to date with changing economic factors in order to improve your property investment strategy and get the most out of the money you are putting into real estate. You should understand aspects such as currency rates, growth potential and so on so that your decisions about your property investment strategy are informed and intelligent.

Property Investment Strategy Help Online

If you are new to property investment, it makes sense to seek professional advice in this area. Such property investment strategy advice is readily available online, and at, a business investment networking site, you don’t even have to pay for this advice. Venture Giants is a platform that facilitates the interaction of businessmen and potential investors, with a view to forging relationships between the two. Venture Giants also offers helpful property investment advice in addition to other kinds of investment advice.

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